Connections // AW19 Editorial

In an era where ‘Connecting’ is more synonymous with the digital world than the physical, Westhill looks to be a lens for clarity. A way of viewing the world away from distractions. Returning focus to the connections that matter; those with the people and environment around us.

This campaign marks our first project bringing together local talent and suppliers. People with complementary or overlapping skills all creating with the same values. Believing that Made in Australia should be a badge of honour representing a lifestyle-focused, material driven and socially responsible approach to products. Helping to build purposeful relationships with an object’s materials, it’s source and it’s lifecycle moving forward.

“We are not materialistic enough. We have a disrespect for materials. We use it quickly and carelessly. If we were genuinely materialistic people, we would understand where materials come from and where they go to.” George Monbiot