Design & Process

Westhill was born out of a belief that we can all be challenged to appreciate an objects’ materials and where they come from. The details, the form, the traces of different production techniques, and the meticulous refinement that goes into the process.

Believing that ‘Made in Australia’ should be a badge of honour representing a lifestyle-focused, material driven and socially responsible approach to objects. Helping to build purposeful relationships with an object’s materials, source and lifecycle moving forward.

Our high-grade materials are mostly from recycled products. In Australia, there is enough Silver and Gold within the circular economy that there is little need to mine for more and put further strain on the Earth's natural resources. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about other continents in the world where small-scale gold mining accounts for a large portion of global mercury pollution. Highlighting the need for conscious decisions from consumers about our collective product choices.

We aim to create timeless pieces for customers to collect and enjoy for a lifetime. All Westhill items are solid material, with no plating, meaning that they will maintain their original appearance through generations if cared for properly. If one day, there is no longer a want for the piece then the material can be returned into the system, refined and re-created into jewellery for the next person to enjoy.