LABS 002 // Studio KYSS

Kenny (Yong-soo) Son of Studio KYSS is an object designer-maker who has a simple goal of creating work that has ‘life’, objects that add significance and value to everyday environments His work has the ability to interact physically and emotionally with the users, giving longevity to the object. An idea that resonates with us and the pieces that we create, so we’ve been huge admirers for a long time and when the idea came about to collaborate together, we jumped at the opportunity.

LABS//002 explored forms to showcase Westhill Jewellery within the home. Aligning with our ethos of local and handmade production, Kenny folded and formed solid brass to create sculptural display trays to store and display jewellery at home. Topped with a leather inlay (not shown) to protect any scratching between surfaces, the brass trays are designed to patina over time. Aging beautifully and creating their own unique textures.