The Kyoto Collection

Westhill’s Steven Burgess distils down the essence of Kyoto in the land of the rising sun. 

There’s a deep sentimentality that comes with talking about a faraway land while you’re in the churn of a lockdown. But with that nostalgia comes a simple reminder, or two if you’re lucky.  

Westhill’s Kyoto Collection is a more than subtle nod toward our appreciation for Japanese craftsmanship and the aesthetic splendour of its native land. It was designed with specific spaces and feelings in mind.  

Following a packed business trip, Steven found himself winding down at the Kamigyo Ku temple in Kyoto. It’s a small hop from the beaten path in the central Kyoto district, but it’s a jewel worth travelling for. 

Westhill Kyoto Collection

Westhill Kyoto Collection
Here he discovered a unique clarity and stillness, the kind that pulls you from the busy tick and sway of your own life and lays you down gently, affording you all the time you need to take in your surroundings. 

This quintessentially Japanese mindset is the inspiration behind the Kyoto Collection

Each accessory is carefully designed in detail with the beauty and heritage of the city’s Shinto rock gardens in mind. They serve as a reminder for us to take the time to slow down and find the calm in the midst of our often bustling and tireless daily lives. 

The human spirit really needs to take time away from screens and all manner of digital devices from time to time. It’s necessary.

There’s a reason they call Kyoto the City of Zen. You can view the collection here.

Westhill Kyoto Collection

by Sam Somers